The Parvati Studies Centre in Turin - Italy, has been created in 2010 for studying, researching and developing the psychic energy.
The purpose of these activities and proposals is to expand in human consciousness the interest in the knowledge for the psychic energy as fundamental factor for  self- and Self-awareness, and to promote a conscious connection to life in all its expressions. The studying  and insights are mostly based on Alice Bailey  and Lucille Cedercrans Esoteric writings and provides training in spiritual development.

The studying, always in groups, stimulates the inner comprehension and the direct experience of each participant on the main themes and  research fields, such as:
CREATIVE MEDITATION: the use of thinking as  the specific faculty of the Self who wants to create a new world;
CONSCIENCE: nature and development of relationships (from micro to macrocosm);
PSYCHIC ENERGY: definition, expression branches, parameters of a vision meant to be  a tool for the human and planetary evolution;
PSYCHO-ENERGETIC: a new approach to the comprehension of human structure in  connection to Life and the Human Group;
PSYCHOSOPHY: a joyful way for achieving psychological integration.


• Agni Yoga teachings studies.
• Creative Meditation and Service.
• Creative Meditation (according to Roberto Assagioli studies).
• Consciousness and Healing in the psycho-energetic process.
• Full Moon Meditations.
• Joyful Evolution training  with Dr. Valentina Ganz.
• Astrology.
• The Group in the psycho-energetic dimension.
• The Seven Rays: the  Space Seven Creative Energies.
• Thematic seminars.